Sporty App - Sporty App

​​​​​​​A mobile app for every single school, sports club and association in New Zealand.

Simply tell your community to install the ‘Sporty NZ’ app from the App Store or Google Play and set it to your organisation. They only need to do this once and it will then display your own logo and colours. It’s that easy.

Each free mobile app includes unlimited push notifications for mobile alerts, live sports draws & results, club news, photo galleries, sign-up forms, and links to your Facebook and website. The VIP version even lets people automatically translate your content into other languages including Te Reo Māori.

Your app is powered by the Sporty content management system. If your club or association happens to already be using a website from Sporty, then your mobile app will automatically update whenever you update your website. Even if you’re not using a website from Sporty, you can still claim a free mobile app to connect with your members and supporters.

Over half of all Kiwi sports clubs and regional associations already rely on for their website. Now try the Sporty App for yourself to discover how it can improve communication with your community.

​​​​​​​Your App is waiting for you...


​​​​​​​Option 1: Free - $0. People would go to the app store and download the ‘Sporty NZ’ mobile app, then set the app to your organisation. They only need to do this once and it will then automatically display your logo, colours and content from your Sporty website from then onwards. Note that the free app displays a small Sporty advert at the bottom of each screen. The app icon on your mobile home screen is the Sporty logo. You can follow the instructions to configure the app settings yourself from within your Sporty website for free, or we can do it for you if you prefer for a once only fee of $175 + GST.

​​​​​​​Option 2: Premium - $39 + GST per month plus a once only set up of $1,500 + GST

​​​​​​​We will build a custom version of the app just for you. People will go to the App Store or Google Play and search for your organisation name. When they install your mobile app, it will automatically show your logo, colours and content. The app icon on people's mobile home screen is your own logo (not the Sporty logo). There are additional features available such as the option to create icons specific to your organisation and the ability to translate to te reo Māori and over 100 other languages.



The news icon displays your latest news articles to keep your community up to date.


You can display sign-up forms on your app to let people easily register online.​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​It's easy to send push notifications to people with your app. These can be sent per team or for your whole organisation.


You can direct people to another site or location by setting a URL for the portal icon. 


Your mobile app includes unlimited photo galleries that showcase your sport.


Make it easy for players or parents to let you know someone is unable to attend by using the ‘Absentee’ feature.


It's easy for people to see your contact details, includes a map if your address is set. Let them call with just one click.


Link straight through to your website for a seamless user experience.


Your mobile app supports many ways for you to connect with your community, including through Facebook.


Making it easy for people to share and download your app from the App Store or Google Play


​​​​​​​Stay compliant - make it easy for people to record health & safety events that automatically update to your online register.​


The Sporty App is online for almost all football, netball and rugby fixtures across New Zealand, plus many more.